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Title Medical visit --> Details
Type Database 6.1
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Description the medical visit details are stored in the  D_EVENTS_ATT table with domain  "A_VISIT"

Note: basic data are stored in the D_EVENTS table : go to the page

medical visit details in  D_EVENTS_ATT with domain  "A_VISIT"

D_Events_att table  description
id_event  d_event id
domain   = 'A_VISIT'
att_date  not used
vt1  AIDS stage
vt2  pediatric edema
vt3  pediatric PercSTD
vn1  HEIGHT (cm)
vn2  BMI
vn3  arm circumference (cm)
vn4  head circumference (cm)
vn5  waist circumference (cm)
vn6  condom given
vn7  CPT given
vn8  depo given
vn9  doses missed
vn10  heart rate
vn11  breath frequency
vn12  MoART
vn13   Pediatric PERC HA
vn14   Pediatric PERC WA
vn15   Pediatric PERC WH
vn16   Pediatric ZS HA
vn17   Pediatric ZS WA
vn18   Pediatric ZS WH
vn19   PERC_ADA
vn20   PERC_ADF
vn21  WEIGHT (Kg)
vn22  pill count
vn23  subscapular fold (cm)
vn24  triceps fold (cm)
vn25  Systolic pressure (SBP - Max)
vn26  diastolic pressure (DBP - min)
vn27  body temperature (celsius)
vn28  SPO2
vb1  breast_feeding ?
vb2  NO SideEffects
vb3  PED_Measured ?
vb4  is pregnant ?
vb5  SideEffects_Hp
vb6  SideEffects_Li
vb7  SideEffects_Ot
vb8  SideEffects_Pn
vb9  SideEffects_Sk
vt4  SideEffects_note
vb10  TBStatus_RxNo
vb11  TBStatus_RxYes
vb12  TBStatus_Susp
vb13  TBStatus_No
vb14  Screening TB Verified
vd1  LMP Last Menstrual Period Date
 vm1  clinical notes relating to the visit


medical visit details in  D_EVENTS_ATT with domain   A_MOTORM

D_Events_att Description
domain = 'A_MOTORM'
att_date date of observation or reaching
vt1 user who entered
vt2 user who modified
vd1 modification date
vb1 MM1Ass
vb2 MM1Obs
vb3 MM2Ass
vb4 MM2Obs
vb5 MM3Ass
vb6 MM3Obs
vb7 MM4Ass
vb8 MM4Obs
vb9 MM5Ass
vb10 MM5Obs
vb11 MM6Ass
vb12  MM6Obs






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