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Title Medical visit (appointment)
Type Database 6.1
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Description Medical visits are recorded in the table d_events (appointment) and d_events_att (visit details)

Medical visit data in D_EVENTS

 d_events table  
 id_event  primary key
 id_person  patient id (software id)
 domain    =  'APPOINTMENT'
 date_start  date when appointment was taken
 date_apt  date of the appointment
 date_apt_exe  date when the visit was done
 category  = 'VISIT'

 = 'VISIT' (medical visit)
 = 'APP_CHECK' (control visit)
 = 'APP_TELEVISIT' (remote consultation)
 = 'APP_CPNVISIT' (Pre natal visit)
 = 'APP_CCRVISIT' (Center for Cancer Research visit)

 event_status  appointment status:
 APE-001 = Active
 APE-002 = Executed
 APE-003 = Missed
 APE-004 = End of Assistance
 ev_vm1  note (about the appointment, not about the clinical visit)
 usr_ins  user who inserted
 usr_mod  user who modified
 usr_datamod  modify date

Other visit details are stored in the d_vents_att table : go to the page
and (if available) in a specific module


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