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id 88
Title Public Events
Type Database 6.1
Highlight group
Description Public training and screening events

The table Events contains data of the section named Events

Field name Type Description
[idevent] nvarchar Primary Key
[data] datetime Date
[service] nvarchar Service
[placetype] nvarchar Place Type
[place] nvarchar Place
[category] nvarchar Category
[operators] int Number of operators
[recipients] int Number of recipients
[recipientstype] nvarchar Recipients type
[description] notenvarchar(max) Description
[Time_Stamp] datetime Time Stamp
[usr_INS] nvarchar user who insert
[usr_MOD] nvarchar user who modified
[usr_DATAMOD] datetime date of modified
[recF1M] int N° M Children
[recF1F] int N° F children
[recF2M] int N° M Teenagers
[recF2F] int N° F  Teenagers
[recF3M] int N° M Adults
[recF3F] int N° F Adults


Ordine 1,000