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id 86
Title Social data
Type Database 6.1
Highlight group
Description Stored in D_Evaluation and D_Evaluation_att

In --> D_Evaluations

D_Evaluations  Description
 domain   =  'SOCIAL'
 eval_date  date of evaluation
 eval_note  note


In --> D_Evaluations_att

column names  Description
id_reference   = 'SOCIA'
domain   = 'A_SOC_COND'
vt1  A2 rooms (domain: NUM_STANZE)
vt2  A6 table (YES/NO)
vt3  A7 fridge (YES/NO)
vt4  A8 do you think you can improve your situation?
(domain: SS_A8_STAI)
vt5  B3 you worked ? (YES/NO)
vt6  B4 why not ?
(domain: SS_B4_LAV)
vt7  B5 email (YES/NO)
vt8  B6 tel cell. (YES/NO)
vt9  bathroom in the house
(domain: TIPO_BAGNO)
vt10  C7 conditions
(domain: SS_C7_COND)
vt11  living spouse
(domain: CONIUGE_VIVE)
vt12  E1 owns a means of transport  (YES/NO)
vt13  E2 type of means of transport
(domain: SS_E2_MEZ )
vt14  electricity in the house (YES/NO)
vt15  reference person (FREE TEXT)
vt16  kind of reference person
(domain: PERS_RIFERIM)
vt17   work ID
(domain: TIPO_LAVORO)
vt18  mother cause (FREE TEXT)
vt19  mother alive (YES/NO)
vt20  Monthly revenue
vt21  father cause (FREE TEXT)
vt22  father alive (YES/NO)
vt23  schooling
(domain: SCOLARITA )
vt24  profession of the spouse
(domain: TIPO_LAVORO)
vt25  Time To center (TIME)
vt26   type of house
(domain: TIPO_CASA)
vt27  means of transport
vt28  running water
(domain: TIPO_ACQUA)
vn1  C2_14
vn2  C3_6
vn3  C4 schooled
vn4  C5 workers
vn5  family members
vd1  arrival time to the center



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