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id 79
Title Blood tests (appointment)
Type Database 6.1
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Description The blood test appointment is store in the d_events table with domain 'APPOINTMENT' and category 'SAMPLE'


 Column name  
 domain   = 'APPOINTMENT'
 category   = 'SAMPLE'
 event_type   =
  APP_TEST_HIV (for test HIV)
  APP_PTVSAMPLE (for exams in PTV)
  EXAMS (for all the other examinations)
 id_person  unique id for patient
 date_start  date of prescription
 date_apt_exe  date of sample (appointment execution date)
 ev_vd1  completation date
 ev_vd2  date when was sent to laboratory
 date_event  date of results
 date_apt  date of the appointment
 event_status  status of the appointment
 ev_vn1  Laboratory's NID
 ev_vm1  note
 ev_vt1  status of examination:
 SP_MANCATO = appointment is missed
 SP_PRELIEV  = waiting for sample
 SP_REFERTO = sample done, waiting for a result
 SP_COMPLET = examination is complete, result is received
 SP_REJECT = sample rejected by LAB


Ordine 400