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Title DREAM 6 Tables
Type Database 6.1
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Description description of the main tables used by the dream software


DATABASE TABLES for patient data
Data domain event_type table
 Personal data   d_person
 Personal data details A_PEOPL  d_person_att
 Pediatric data A_PEDIATRIC  d_person_att
 Family unit detail   d_person_fam
 Visits APPOINTMENT VISIT d_events
 Posology A_DPRES  d_events_att  
 Diagnosis A_VDIAG  d_events_att
 Symptoms A_VSYMP  d_events_att 
 Drug delivery APPOINTMENT  APP_DRUGS d_events 
 Drug delivery details A_DRUGS  d_events_att
 Pregnancies PREGNANCY  d_events 
 Various indicators   d_events 
 Appointments APPOINTMENT   
 Exams prescriptions A_EXAMS_PRESC  d_events_att 
 Exams results A_EXAMS_HEMOG,
 Urgent Checks details A_VERIFY  d_events_att
 Type of nutrition FEED  d_status
 TB  therapy status TBSTA  d_status
 Food integration status FOODI  d_status
 Assistance regime ASSIS  d_status
 Service  SERVICE  d_status
 ARV Therapy status TARV  d_status
 HIV status HIVST  d_status
 SIDA Stage STAGE  d_evaluations
 Social data SOCIAL  d_evaluations
 Social data details A_SOC_COND  d_evaluations_att
 assistants REF_ASSIST  d_reftables
 neighborhoods REF_NEIGHB  d_reftables
 centers of reference REF_CENTRE  d_reftables
 festivity REF_FESTIV  d_reftables


other tables (for the storage of medicines and food and for other uses):

 table name description
 _DbCodici  table of counters used by primary keys
 _DbInfo  table used to store the configuration
 Farmaci drugs
 Composti drug compounds
 Composti_PrincipiAttivi active ingredients in drug compounds
 CentriMovimento centers of origin and destination of movements
 DiagnosiSintomi diagnosis and symptoms
 DiagnosiSintomi_Sinonimi diagnosis and symptoms: synonyms
 dream_roles users's roles
 dream_users users
 events awareness events and screening
 far_consegnabile drugs's deliverable forms
 far_ordini warehouse order table ,  details for drugs
 far_ordini_Main warehouse order table for drugs
 Farmaci_Blocchi blocked drugs
 farmaci_carico_Main warehouse load
 farmaci_carico detail of the warehouse load
 Farmaci_Confezionamento pharmaceutical packaging
 Farmaci_Consumo minimum and optimal quantity of drugs in stock
 food_carico_Main warehouse order table for food
 food_carico warehouse order table ,  details for food
 FoodMovement warehouse movements for food
 FoodPack food packs
 FoodStdPack predefined food packs
 FoodType kind of food
 HomeCareEse home care executed
 HomeCarePre home care prescriptions
 HomeCareZone home care  zone
 HomeCareZoneBairro relations between areas and neighborhoods
 LineeTarv TARV lines
 LineeTarv_PrincipiAttivi TARV lines, active ingredients
 PrincipiAttivi active ingredients
 profili_prescrizione blood test prescription profiles
 Raggruppamenti drug groupings
 rangevaloriesami range limits for exam values
 UnitaDiMisura unit of measure
 UnitaDiMisura_Rapporti unit of measure ratios


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