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id 70
Title Evidences List
Type Database 6.1
Highlight group
Description List of queries in the evidence section


XML Nome file Descrizione
reports_ref_0  - For test
reports_ref_1 filequery1001.cs Exams
reports_ref_2 filequery1002.cs Treatments
reports_ref_3 filequery1003.cs Evidences
reports_ref_4 filequery1004.cs Malawi QRM
reports_ref_5 filequery1005.cs Appointments
reports_ref_6 filequery1006.cs Cohort survival analysis
reports_ref_7 filequery1007.cs VCT
reports_ref_8 filequery1008.cs Statistic
reports_ref_9 filequery1009.cs Malawi ART Disag.
reports_ref_10 filequery1010.cs Malawi ART Disag. Cum.
reports_ref_11 filequery1011.cs Kenya
reports_ref_12 filequery1012.cs  -
reports_ref_13 filequery1013.cs Management
reports_ref_14 filequery1014.cs  Rapid TESTS
reports_ref_15 filequery1015.cs Guinea MSR (not used)
reports_ref_16 filequery1016.cs Clinical Parameters
reports_ref_17 filequery1017.cs Nutrition
reports_ref_18 filequery1018.cs  -
reports_ref_19 filequery1019.cs MQHIV  (Moçambique) (work in progress)
reports_ref_20 filequery1020.cs KAP (Malawi)
reports_ref_21 filequery1021.cs  Report Conakry Male
reports_ref_22 filequery1022.cs  Report Conakry Female
reports_ref_23 filequery1023.cs  Report Kenya
reports_ref_24 filequery1024.cs  Report Mozambique (resumo mensal)
reports_ref_25 filequery1025.cs  Report Mozambique First time
reports_ref_26 filequery1026.cs  -
reports_ref_27 filequery1027.cs  -
reports_ref_28 filequery1028.cs  APSS-PP (Moçambique)
reports_ref_29 filequery1029.cs  DMS-APSS (Moçambique)
reports_ref_30 filequery1030.cs  MMIA (Moçambique)
reports_ref_31 filequery1031.cs  Viral Load (Moçambique)
reports_ref_32 filequery1032.cs  TPT (Moçambique)
reports_ref_33 filequery1033.cs  Dados Anuais  (Moçambique) 
reports_ref_34 filequery1034.cs  pregnant women (Moçambique)
reports_ref_35 filequery1035.cs  teenagers (adolescentes Moçambique)
reports_ref_36 filequery1036.cs  Monthly summary of family approach (Moçambique)
reports_ref_37 filequery1037.cs  Rapports de vaccination (RCA vaccination Form)
reports_ref_43 filequery1043.cs Elegiveis para resistencia ARV (Moçambique)


In the reports_ref_xx.xml files, the tag <tabpage> allows you to open the medical record directly in a particular section (relevant to the research), according to the following code:

0-->  patient data

1 --> dashboard
2 --> social form
3 --> pregnancy
4 --> visit
5 --> exam
6 --> appointment
7 --> SIDA stage

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