Database 6

DREAM 6 Tables description of the main tables used by the dream software
Patient data Patient data is stored in d_person and d_person_att tables
Patient's Status The d_status table records the status of a patient's membership in a particular program or service, or the status of a particular condition
Appointments Appointments are stored in the d_events table
Medical visit (Appointment) Medical visits are recorded in the table d_events (appointment) and d_events_att (visit details)
Medical visit --> Visit details
Medical visit --> Symptoms
Medical visit --> Diagnosis
Medical visit --> Posology
Blood tests (Appointment) The blood test appointment is store in the d_events table with domain 'APPOINTMENT' and category 'SAMPLE'
Blood tests --> Prescription The blood test prescription is a record in the d_events_att table related the examination stored in the d_events table
Blood test --> Result The blood test results are stored in d_events_att table, with different domains , one for each type of exam
Various indicators
Urgent checks details Details of urgent checks are stored in in D_Events_att. They are child records of the parent record in D_Events with domain "APPOINTMENT", category "APP" and event_type "APP_VERIFY"
Pregnancies pregnancies are stored in d_status (start and the stop of the pregnancy (two records)) while in d_events there are all the informations about the pregnancy
Drugs delivery Drugs delivery are attributes of the domain = APPOINTMENT , event_type = APP_DRUGS
AIDS Stage The aids stage is stored in the d_evaluations table
Social data Stored in D_Evaluation and D_Evaluation_att
Family the relationships between the members of the household are stored in the table d_person_fam
Evidences List List of queries in the evidence section