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id 86
Title Social data
Type Database 6.1
Highlight group
Description Stored in D_Evaluation and D_Evaluation_att

In --> D_Evaluations

D_Evaluations Description
 domain  =  'SOCIAL'
 eval_date date of evaluation
 eval_note note


In --> D_Evaluations_att

column names Description
id_reference  = 'SOCIA'
domain  = 'A_SOC_COND'
vt1 A2 rooms
vt2 A6 table
vt3 A7 fridge
vt4 A8 do you think you can improve your situation?
vt5 B3 you worked ?
vt6 B4 why not ?
vt7 B5 email
vt8 B6 tel cell.
vt9 bathroom in the house
vt10 C7 conditions
vt11 living spouse
vt12 E1 owns a means of transport
vt13 E2 type of means of transport
vt14 electricity in the house
vt15 reference person
vt16 kind of reference person
vt17  work ID
vt18 mother cause
vt19 mother alive
vt20 Monthly revenue
vt21 father cause
vt22 father alive
vt23 schooling
vt24 profession of the spouse
vt25 Time To center
vt26  type of house
vt27 means of transport
vt28 running water
vn1 C2_14
vn2 C3_6
vn3 C4 schooled
vn4 C5 workers
vn5 family members
vd1 arrival time to the center



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